Announcing Full Circle TMS

May 28, 2015

TORONTO, Ontario — May 28, 2015 — Full Circle TMS, a start-up company in web-based, transportation management software (TMS) for progressive fleets, today announced that Stuart Sutton will lead the company as President and CEO. Mr. Sutton has over 20 years of experience writing TMS solutions for transportation companies across North America and looks forward to this new and exciting challenge. “This TMS will be written from scratch, but incorporate many of the lessons I’ve learned over the years on what works and what doesn’t work when making a world-class TMS solution” says Sutton. “Furthermore, we will be developing the TMS using the latest database, user-interface and programming languages that easily port to desktop, web and mobile platforms.” Derek Comartin has been hired as VP of Engineering for Full Circle TMS. “This is an exciting opportunity for me” says Comartin. “We get to work on a technology project with brand-new tools and techniques while most of the TMS competition is using twenty-year-old tools. And to work with a visionary like Stuart Sutton who has a solid reputation for consistently delivering successful new products and concepts to the industry is very stimulating.” Lawrence McCord, President and CEO of On Time Media in Florence, KY is thrilled that Sutton is back in the industry. “When Stuart retired from running Sylectus in 2014, it was almost like you could hear a giant gush of air escaping as a void was created among his clients and suppliers. His knowledge of the North American transportation market and his consistent communication of industry trends vanished. It is very exciting to hear of his return.” Mike Welch, president of Magnate Worldwide of Chicago, IL, a leading premium transportation and logistics provider, has known Sutton on a professional level for over 15 years. “Stuart has consistently impressed me and my colleagues. He has the ability to understand the industry, design solutions to problems, and then deliver superior results that improve the profitability and productivity of his customers. His devotion to continuous improvement means his products just keep getting better. I know that if Stuart is leading Full Circle TMS, then the best is yet to come.” For more information about Full Circle TMS, please visit:

Full Circle TMS

Full Circle TMS ( is web-based, transportation management software (TMS) designed to improve the productivity and profitability of transportation companies around the world. Its integrated suite of TMS solutions enables its’ customers to reduce operational overhead, improve profits, strengthen customer service to grow their businesses.

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