Full Circle TMS Integrates with

Active On-Demand

This is a FREE built-in module for ENTERPRISE level subscribers.


The Full Circle TMS ACTIVE ON-DEMAND interface is an automated method to communicate load information between the two environments.

  • Automatic notification of awarded ACTIVE ON-DEMAND shipments
  • Ability to “confirm” the awarded ACTIVE ON-DEMAND shipment
  • The confirmed shipment creates an order in the Full Circle TMS orders system
  • As the shipment is executed in the Full Circle TMS system, all shipment milestones and associated data (arrive, load, empty) is automatically transmitted back to ACTIVE ON-DEMAND.
  • All “check call” data is automatically transmitted back to ACTIVE ON-DEMAND.
  • Shipment “modifications” from ACTIVE ON-DEMAND generate alerts and notes within Full Circle TMS.
  • And much more.

How to get started

  1. You must be a qualified carrier of ACTIVE ON-DEMAND
  2. Watch the training video
  3. Contact Full Circle TMS to get the integration activated. There is NO ADDITONAL CHARGE to use this interface providing you currently subscribe to the DISPATCH version of the software.

What if you are not an approved ACTIVE ON-DEMAND carrier

To become an approved ACTIVE ON-DEMAND carrier, you must go through their carrier qualification process. The group contact at ACTIVE ON-DEMAND is:

Provider Development 2068 E Street Belleville, MI 48111 Email: pd@aodasap.com Phone: 734-547-8712

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our drivers use the Circle Mobile productivity app. Will the data the driver enters flow automatically to ACTIVE ON-DEMAND?
A: Yes. As the driver moves down the road, the 5 minute check call updates will automatically flow to ACTIVE ON-DEMAND. As the driver does the trip events (arrive, load, empty), all the necessary data flows back to ACTIVE ON-DEMAND.
Q: What is the cost to use this module?
A: All subscribers of the Dispatch version (or higher) of the software get this interface as part of the package. No extra charge.
Q: How do I train my dispatchers on how to use the interface?
A: There is a training video.