Full Circle TMS Integrates with


The Full Circle TMS interface to SaferWatch makes it easy to manage the safety and compliance of all your preferred carriers. We link out to SaferWatch once an hour to get the latest compliance rating for each Preferred Carrier you monitor.

For each of your preferred carriers that have a valid DOT number verified by SaferWatch, the following key pieces of information is stored:

  • Overall Approval
  • Authority Approval
  • Insurance Approval
  • Safety Approval
  • Operation Approval
  • Other Approval

Full Circle will display these settings on various screens as well as use the “Overall Approval” setting to determine if you can dispatch an order to this carrier.

When you select a preferred carrier to dispatch, and the overall safer rating is NOT APPROVED, the system will perform based on your settings within Full Circle TMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will the SaferWatch integration cost?
A: You need to be on the ENTERPRISE level of the software and have a SaferWatch subscription only. There is no additional charge for the Full Circle TMS integration with SaferWatch. So the only cost is what you pay SaferWatch.
Q: What does the integration do?
A: On initialization of the interface, it will set up a link between the TMS and SaferWatch and collect the six SaferWatch data elements to store with each of your preferred carriers. Going forward, as you add new preferred carriers, you can create the link in SaferWatch. When you dispatch to a preferred carrier, it will check the SaferWatch credentials and prevent dispatch from occurring based on your settings of Ignore, warn or prevent.
Q: What if the carrier does not have a valid DOT number?
A: We link to SaferWatch using the FMCSA DOT#. If the preferred carrier record has no DOT number, then we cannot retrieve any information from SaferWatch.
Q: Can the dispatcher still use a preferred carrier if they are “not approved”?
A: This depends on your system setting of ignore, warn or prevent. The assumption is that you establish your SaferWatch settings to ensure all the carriers you use are meeting your minimal requirements to haul your freight. If they fall below your minimum requirements, you should not use them. If you choose PREVENT as your option, they will not be able to dispatch the carrier.
Q: What happens if we still want to use a carrier even if they are “not approved” and our system is set to PREVENT DISPATCH.
A: Your only solution is to disable the SaferWatch link in the preferred carrier record so that the SaferWatch data is not reviewed on dispatch.
Q: Will the carrier know that they fall below our safety standards?
A: Only if you tell them. The TMS does not share this information with anyone but your company.
Q: How accurate is the SaferWatch data?
A: You need to ask SaferWatch that question.