Full Circle TMS Integrates with


This is a FREE built-in module for ENTERPRISE level subscribers.


The Full Circle TMS XPO-NLM interface is an automated method to communicate load information between the two environments.

  • Automatic notification of awarded XPO-NLM shipments
  • Ability to “confirm” the awarded XPO-NLM shipment
  • The confirmed shipment creates an order in the Full Circle TMS orders system
  • As the shipment is executed in the Full Circle TMS system, all shipment milestones and associated data (arrive, load, empty) is automatically transmitted back to XPO-NLM.
  • All “check call” data is automatically transmitted back to XPO-NLM.
  • Shipment “modifications” from XPO-NLM generate alerts and notes within Full Circle TMS.
  • And much more.

How to get started

  1. You must be a qualified carrier of XPO-NLM
  2. Watch the training video.
  3. Contact Full Circle TMS to get the integration activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost to use this module?
A: All subscribers of the Enterprise version (or higher) of the software get this interface as part of the package. No extra charge.
Q: How do I train my dispatchers on how to use the interface?
A: There is a training video.
Q: We also do Active Aero loads? Do you have an interface for that?
A: Yes. It is also FREE to use this module. There is a training video for that interface too.